Tub4Two Two Seat Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk-In Bathtub

Size: 31.75″W x 60″L

Make the most out of your space with this 60″ long, two person walk-in tub that can easily replace most common standard size bathtubs. The Tub4Two is one of our first high gloss acrylic outward swing walk-in tub on the market! Its outward swing door makes it easier for you and your partner to enter the tub as you won’t have to maneuver around a door. This model is also slightly bigger and deeper than the Companion walk-in bathtub. With the extra space and the outward swing door, the Tub4Two makes for a more comfortable bath experience. The size of this walk-in tub is 31.75” x 60” x  40”.

Furthermore, we offer a brand new triple massage feature for the Tub4Two! Hydro + Hydro + Air will be available on all of our two seat tubs. Enjoy a full body hydro + Air massage with Ella’s innovative jetting design, or just have a relaxing foot massage by quickly filling the foot well and using the 4 independent jets (Hydro + Hydro) dedicated for a foot massage. No need to fill the whole tub, the foot well fills in just a couple of minutes!

Dual drain