Big4Two Two Seat Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk-In Bathtub with Independently Operated Foot Massage

Size: 36″W x 80″L

Wash away the stress in the largest 2-seat walk-in tub available on the market! Boasting enough room to stretch your legs, you and your better half can experience a rejuvenating bath whenever the mood strikes. Like the Companion and the Tub4Two, this tub also comes with a centered outward swing door and drains. The size of this tub is 36” x 80” x 40” which makes for incredibly spacious seating. For example, a 5′ 2” tall female and a 6′ 2 tall male can comfortably sit in this tub with enough space to lean back, stretch out their legs, and relax. If your bathroom has the space for the Big4Two, this walk-in tub could be your best option.

Furthermore, we offer a brand new triple massage feature for the Big4Two! Hydro + Hydro + Air will be available on all of our two seat tubs. Enjoy a full body hydro + Air massage with Ella’s innovative jetting design, or just have a relaxing foot massage by quickly filling the foot well and using the 4 independent jets (Hydro + Hydro) dedicated for a foot massage. No need to fill the whole tub, the foot well fills in just a couple of minutes!

Dual drain