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Ella 2 Seat Walk-In Tubs

Life is hectic and filled with all sorts of monotonous tasks, so most people tend to consider bathing a chore. However, such an ordinary task can easily be turned into a pleasurable experience when a loved one is included. To help restore the romance in a relationship, consider a walk-in bathtub for two. Ella’s Bubbles offer several 2-seat walk-in tubs so that couples can enjoy a relaxing bath together. Not only will washing those hard-to-reach places be easier, the partner bond will also feel renewed and refreshed. It will be very challenging to find these types of walk-in tubs for two anywhere else. To make it even better, al of our 2-seat tubs come with a center door and drain to create more seating space for you and your loved one.

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Our first and original walk-in tub for two is the Companion. The Companion is the 2-seat version of our classic Deluxe walk-in tub model. This unique model features a centered outward swing door and center-facing seats. This model can seat two petite or smaller sized bathers rather than one! The size of this walk-in tub is  30.25” x 59.75” x 37” which is average in this industry.

Our second model is the Tub4Two. Make the most out of your space with this 60" long, two person walk-in tub that can easily replace most common standard size bathtubs. The Tub4Two is one of our first high gloss acrylic outward swing walk-in tub on the market! Its outward swing door makes it easier for you and your partner to enter the tub as you won’t have to maneuver around a door. This model is also slightly bigger and deeper than the Companion walk-in bathtub. With the extra space and the outward swing door, the Tub4Two makes for a more comfortable bath experience. The size of this walk-in tub is 31.75” x 60” x  40”.

The final walk-in tub for two is called the Big4Two. Wash away the stress in the largest 2-seat walk-in tub available on the market! Boasting enough room to stretch your legs, you and your better half can experience a rejuvenating bath whenever the mood strikes. Like the Companion and the Tub4Two, this tub also comes with a centered outward swing door and drains. The size of this tub is 36” x 80” x 40” which makes for incredibly spacious seating. For example, a 5′ 2” tall female and a 6′ 2 tall male can comfortably sit in this tub with enough space to lean back, stretch out their legs, and relax. If your bathroom has the space for the Big4Two, this walk-in tub could be your best option.

Ella acrylic 2-seat walk-in tubs are constructed from the highest grade of white acrylic, with an easy to clean gloss finish that is reinforced with fiberglass. The acrylic shell is supported by a rust proof stainless steel frame with leveling legs for easier and faster installation and support.

These models are equipped with the Ella acrylic outward swing door which includes a 3-latch mechanism, The 3 latches, plus a strong impact resistant material, allows for a secure seal that can withstand strong water pressure.

Lastly, Ella 2-seat walk-in tubs are now equipped with a brand new independent foot massage option operated by a separate extra hydro pump. This feature allows you and your partner to enjoy a convenient foot massage in the comfort of your own home. Best part is, you don’t have to fill the entire tub and it only takes minutes before you’re experiencing a spa-like moment! Just fill the water up to the seat and enjoy the powerful foot massage with an adjustable intensity controller. You can also indulge in a full bath using the air, hydro, and foot massagers simultaneously. While you may not use full body bathing daily, the foot massage is a highly desired feature for anyone. This is a very unique feature that our customers absolutely love! Available for the Tub4Two and Big4Two only.

Baths have been known to have a calming, distressing effect on the body and the mind. In addition to bath, we've launched our brand new independent foot massage feature. Who is better to share this time with than one’s spouse or partner?

We just launched our brand new Hydro + Independent Foot Massage! Just fill the water up to the seat and enjoy a rejuvenating foot massage or experience a full body massage in the comfort of your home! While you may not use full body bathing daily, the foot massage is a highly desired feature for anyone. Our customers love this feature!

Our walk-in tubs are equipped with the industry best Ella Dual Drain Technology. This gravity driven dual 2” four-port drain provides fast and efficient draining and reliable and fast exit from the tub. The tub will drain in approximately 80 to 120 seconds depending on water volume, bather’s body size, and house drain conditions.

2 Seat Walk-In Tubs Comparison Charts

Important Dimensions

Tub4Two Big4Two Companion
Dimensions of Tub WxLxH 31.75 x 60 x 40 36x80 x 40 30.25x59.75x37
Dimensions of Crate WxLxH 33 x 62 x 50 38 x 73 x 50 35x65x45
Threshold Height 6" 6" 9"
Threshold Lowering Option 6" 6" 6"
Seat Width 19.25" 21"/26" 20.25"
Seat Height 17" 17" 15"
Width of Door 19.75" 19.75" 16.5"


Important Information

Tub4Two Big4Two Companion
Gallons USA (Unoccupied) 100 143 95
Gallons USA (Occupied) 50-70 n/a 45-65
Suggested Water Heater* 75* 80* 75*
Approximate Drainage Time** 120 Seconds 150 Seconds 120 Seconds
Drain/Door Location Center Center Center
Product Net Weight LBS 240 295 260
Product Shipping Weight LBS 380 483 360
*Suggested water heater size for a household with only a single bather. A household with any additional bathers should consider the next size available water heater.
**Approximate Drainage Time is under ideal plumbing conditions, your drainage times may vary.


Features & Benefits

Tub4Two Big4Two Companion
Grab Bar(s) 0 0 1
Thermostatic Control Valve No No Yes
Water Supply Lines 1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
Pull Out Hand Mixer Hose Yes Yes Yes
Textured Slip Resistant Floor Yes Yes Yes
Number of Access Panels 3 3 4
Hydro Jets 22 26 18
Air Jets 16 10 10
In-line Water Heater D D D
Ozone Sterilization D D D
LED Chromatherapy D D D
Heated Seat Optional Optional Optional
Options: S - Soaking, D - Dual Massage (hydro & air)

Oversized Rain Shower Kit Available On Most Ella Walk-In Tubs

4-Fold Shower Screen Available On Most Ella Walk-In Tubs